Other Projects

Irving’s management and technical team, in conjunction with its partners, are working to advance its existing portfolio of projects and to find new prospective gold and silver projects in Japan.

The Company’s other projects include:

  • Engaru: 84.42 km2 of prospecting license applications covering an area a few kilometres south of the historic Konomai gold field near the town of Engaru.
  • Noto: 337.37 km2 of prospecting license applications located on the Noto Peninsula with four discrete target areas displaying strong stream sediment gold, silver, arsenic, antimony, mercury and/or copper anomalism. The region has geological similarities to nearby Sado Island, host to the famous Sado Kinzan gold mine.
  • Satsuma B: 54.09 km2 of mineral prospecting license applications. All of this project encompasses gravity highs similar to Yamagano which Irving considers highly prospective for epithermal vein mineralization.

All prospecting license applications have been accepted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”), Hokkaido, Chubu and Kyushu Bureaus with a multi-step review underway for final approval.

For further information, please review the Company’s website and corporate presentation, along with its public disclosure which can be found on SEDAR.